3 New Ways To Use Feather Flags And Bow Flags

How To Re-Purpose Traditional Feather Flags To Attract Attention

Feather Flags and Bow FlagsEverybody has seen the standard feather flags – probably all lined up in a row outside of a storefront, or maybe indicating a place of interest at an outdoor event.  These days, though, feather flags have a much wider set of uses in the past due to advancements in display technology.  Today we’ll take a look at these new uses and how they may work perfectly for your next event or promotion.

1. As Pole Signs

Pole signs have long been used by municipalities to advertise happenings or points of interest within their cities and towns, but they have always stuck to the same general size and shape, without much to differentiate one from another other than the design used.  Enter the venerable feather flag.  By making use of custom-designed mounting hardware, feather and bow flags can now be attached to poles for an extra visual “pop” that was never before possible.

2. As Pop Up Tent Add-Ons

Pop Up Tents are one of the most widely used outdoor displays, and with good reason.  They provide shelter/shade for both event workers and attendees, as well as multiple branding opportunities, but until recently they all looked pretty much the same from tent-to-tent.  Now those interested in purchasing or updating their pop up tents can utilize feather flags as accents by attaching to either the sides or the top of the tent hardware.  This small addition can have a big impact in attracting the eyes of event attendees, without much effect on the overall marketing budget.

3. As Mobile Advertising

Feather flags have now gone mobile!  One of the newest forays into the outdoor promotional advertising world, Backpack Flags and Billboards are becoming more and more popular due to their light weight and portability.  Are you finding the cost of exhibiting at a local festival a bit too daunting?  Reduce those expenses drastically by simply purchasing a backpack feather flag and hiring someone to walk around the festival – instant brand exposure to thousands of people!

As you can see, the standard feather flags no longer have to be just “standard” – add them to your marketing set up today!


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