Bow Flags’ Big Brother: The Expand Flag Stand

Expand Flagstands: Large Scale Bow Flags

The big brother of the bow flags: the Expand flag stand.

Borrowing from the concept and technology of the standard bow flags, but taking them to the next level in visibility and exposure based on sheer size is the Expand flag stand.

As you can see by the photo on the right, they are very large. They are the perfect bow flags for a large outdoor event display. You can see them from a block away or more, and are ideal to attract attention from a distance, where a common bow flag would just completely get lost in the background noise. These ‘monster’ bow flags will make that difference you need in visibility in such a case.

Just like their junior cousins, they are designed to move in the wind. Make sure you follow the directions to stabilize the base when used in an outdoor display, as they have a lot more surface area and the wind will pull on them pretty hard.

These come in several sizes, to suit any size booth or budget. Make sure you do your research and know what types of banners and hardware are available, and if you have the place to go big, these are what you need.

Wind Dancer Bow Flags

Go big on a budget with the Wind Dancer bow flags.

Similar in scope at an easier to digest budget, are the wind dancer model of bow flags. As you can see the concept is similar, but they are fabricated with budget in mind to keep costs minimal. You can get a very good bang for buck value in a very large wind-driven banner, with a small sacrifice in fit and finish. They can be just the right combination for your need, especially if you don’t have to use it many times so your budget logically will be smaller.

These Wind Dancer models are economical enough to compete with the larger standard style feather flags or bow flags, yet are designed  to stand up taller than the rest.

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