APG Rings In Outdoor Display Season with 10 ft Zoom Outdoor Tent Kits

Outdoor display season is in full swing, and APG Exhibits has several outdoor Pop Up Tent kits that are perfect for market fests, trade shows, or any other outdoor display needs.  These Pop Up Tents are a great way to draw attention and create a convenient and easy-to-transport workspace to attract customers and showcase your brand!

10 ft Zoom Outdoor Tent [Kit 01]10 ft Zoom Outdoor Tent [Kit 01]

APG offers a variety of kit options including the 10 ft Zoom Outdoor Tent [Kit 01] that features a 10 foot square display tent, full-height custom printed graphic wall, 2 printed half-walls to create a semi-enclosed space, and a 10ft Zoom feather banner with ground spike & double-sided graphic that elevates your brand over the crowd.   A black literature rack features four double-span tiered literature pockets & two counters, covered with stretch fitted fabric graphics, which also double as convenient shipping cases!

Other kits can add or remove features depending on your budget and needs, including additional printed half walls, 8ft full printed table throw, and a semi-portable single or double-sided Monsoon billboard.

Whether announcing to the public that you are open for business, or just having a special sale, APG’s Zoom Outdoor Pop Up Tent Kits are an attractive and professional way to help your brand stand out and drive in more traffic.  As always, our team loves to help you make the best decisions with your marketing dollars, so if you have any questions about our Zoom Outdoor Pop Up Tent Kits, or any other APG products, feel free to contact one of our helpful project coordinators via phone, email, or live chat!


APG Exhibits Releases Complete Line of Pre-Designed Business Feather Flags

Business FlagsWith the outdoor season upon us, we here at APG Exhibits are proud to offer several versions of our Pre-Designed Business Feather Flags for your outdoor display needs.  Similar to our “from scratch” custom order Feather Flags, our Pre-Designed Stand-Out Feather Flags come complete with a finished design, saving you both time and money.  Since the entire design process is eliminated, these can typically ship in 3-4 days from time of purchase, making them great for last minute sales or special events!

Available in 3 different sizes with multiple hardware options, it’s easy to find the perfect way to advertise your store or brand at an attractive price.  Our flags are great for drawing attention to your business from sidewalk and drive-by traffic, letting people know you are open for business or having a special event.  These durable and vibrant  flags are printed full-color in a knit polyester, which can stand up to harsh weather with no problem.  Choose from a ground stake or x-base and even add a water bag for extra stability!  The basic flag reads right on one side and mirror on the reverse side, and a double-sided option is also available for a slight additional cost.  You can typically save $60-200 over our “from scratch” custom order Feather Flags by ordering one of our attractive standardized designs!

Whether announcing to the public that you are open for business, or just having a special sale, our Pre-Designed Stand Out Feather flags are an attractive and professional way to help your store stand out and drive in more traffic.  As always, our team loves to help you make the best decisions with your marketing dollars, so if you have any questions about our Pre-Designed Stand Out Feather Flags, please contact one of our helpful project coordinators via phone, email, or live chat!


Bow Flags’ Big Brother: The Expand Flag Stand

Expand Flagstands: Large Scale Bow Flags

The big brother of the bow flags: the Expand flag stand.

Borrowing from the concept and technology of the standard bow flags, but taking them to the next level in visibility and exposure based on sheer size is the Expand flag stand.

As you can see by the photo on the right, they are very large. They are the perfect bow flags for a large outdoor event display. You can see them from a block away or more, and are ideal to attract attention from a distance, where a common bow flag would just completely get lost in the background noise. These ‘monster’ bow flags will make that difference you need in visibility in such a case.

Just like their junior cousins, they are designed to move in the wind. Make sure you follow the directions to stabilize the base when used in an outdoor display, as they have a lot more surface area and the wind will pull on them pretty hard.

These come in several sizes, to suit any size booth or budget. Make sure you do your research and know what types of banners and hardware are available, and if you have the place to go big, these are what you need.

Wind Dancer Bow Flags

Go big on a budget with the Wind Dancer bow flags.

Similar in scope at an easier to digest budget, are the wind dancer model of bow flags. As you can see the concept is similar, but they are fabricated with budget in mind to keep costs minimal. You can get a very good bang for buck value in a very large wind-driven banner, with a small sacrifice in fit and finish. They can be just the right combination for your need, especially if you don’t have to use it many times so your budget logically will be smaller.

These Wind Dancer models are economical enough to compete with the larger standard style feather flags or bow flags, yet are designed  to stand up taller than the rest.

Go research more about bow flags at apg


Outdoor Banners and Flags for Outdoor Exhibitors

Feather Flags - APG ExhibitsFeather Flags

Feather flags are standard for outdoor banners. They attract attention with large waving graphics that are great for attracting attention from the street. The art design typically used on these flag displays include strong lines and colors with minimal text. The way the feather flags wave in the wind makes it difficult for viewers to read any text on the flags. These outdoor banners are best used to grab attention and give viewers a general, basic message about a brand, product or sale. Many feather flags may only have one word like “SALE” to communicate their main message. Much more text than that may lead a viewer away from the display because of the difficulty in ready the message.

Bow Flags - APG Exhibits

Bow Flags

Bow flags are kind of like a cross between standard outdoor banners and feather flags. Bow flags are easier to read since they don’t flutter in the wind like feather flags do. However, these outdoor banners are set up just like feather flags, most commonly with a ground stake or weighted bottom.  Bow flags are great compliments to a display tent or table for any outdoor event. There is more space on a bow flag to put copy. It is easy to add a short marketing message with a logo on a bow flag. These outdoor banners are available in 3 different heights, with multiple hardware options on the APG website. These bow flags are printed full-color in a knit polyester, which can stand up to harsh weather with no problem.

Outdoor banners - APG Exhibits

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. On, exhibitors can find outdoor banners from just 3.5 feet height to 15 foot flags stands! All of these outdoor banners are strong and durable to maintain their vibrant graphics in the face of wind, rain, and sun. Outdoor banners can serve a multitude of purposes. They can direct traffic, attract attention, communicate a marketing message and more. Exhibitors should consider using some of the more unique shapes to draw in more attention.

Pole banners - APG Exhibits

Pole Banners

Pole banners are a great way to use the surrounding environment to add outdoor banners in any place.  Pole banners give exhibitors a wonderful opportunity to draw in more traffic from surrounding areas. These can be placed on city light poles to attract drivers or passers by to a near-by event. Pole banners are clean and sharp, providing a great space to communicate a short message like “Dessert Fair in Market Square.”




Start Your Outdoor Booth With A Pop Up Tent

The perfect start to any outdoor booth is a pop up tent.

Pop Up Tent For Outdoor BoothIf you are looking for a way to keep your product and staff as well as your guests comfortable in spite of nature, you need some form of structure for your outdoor booth. With the advances in technology in recent years, outdoor booths and pop up tents are designed to withstand the harsh elements and last a long time. They are engineered to be strong yet light weight so they are easy to transport, store and assemble.

Once you switch from an older tent or not having one at all, you will wonder how you did it. I would say that no outdoor booth is complete without a pop up tent. Actually, no outdoor booth is even really started without one.

If you haven’t bought a pop up tent in the last few years, you may be able to upgrade to an outdoor booth that’s more modern. The graphics last longer and the engineering is a little better. Some of the older pop-up tents had stretchy rubber bands to tighten the canvas top, leading to over-tight places and distorted graphics over time. The newer models use a crank to tighten the top just right. This way  you can adjust them tighter if the canvas stretches slightly over time.

The standard pop up tent sizes (10′ x 10′, 10′ x 15′, and 10′ x 20′) are easy to find, and to use.

Depending on your need for your particular outdoor booth, you can add a full-wall or half-wall sides/front/back. Take into consideration any tables you may have in the front of your outdoor booth or if you will have people enter into your booth. You may need additional protection from the elements like wind or rain too. Do you want to have full side walls, or do you want to direct more traffic to the front of your display with half walls while using some additional branding space?

Learn more about outdoor booths and displays right here.


Small is Big With an Eye-Catching Outdoor 10′ x 10′ Booth

Make a big statement with the right outdoor 10′ x 10′ booth

Outdoor 10 x 10 Booth With Flag

Just because your outdoor event space is limited to a small 10′ x 10′ booth, doesn’t mean you are limited to a small design of your exhibit space.

With the fantastic improvements in graphic printing technology and the latest solutions available in hardware to host them, you can make a big impression in a small space with trade show displays like a pop-up tent with a flag as shown in this particular 10′ x 10′ booth.

Although pop-up tents are designed with a roof to protect people from the elements, the additional graphics space on the roof and the flag, as in this example, can be a great way to stand out when you are a small booth area. The additional flag topper adds several feet of height to your display, helping your brand to, literally, stand above the competition.

If you showcase your products in both indoor and outdoor event displays, you may be able to use the same 10′ x 10′ booth in both cases. You may be in a small space, but if you can think big, your little display will shine above the rest. At every trade show there are ‘landmark’ exhibitors that really stand out.

Wouldn’t you love if that landmark exhibitor was you at the next exhibition? Make sure that exhibitor is you, by making the most of your trade show space in every situation. With the right tools and great staff, your trade show booth can outshine the rest.

You can research more about the outdoor pop-up tent booth right here.


Bow Flags & Feather Flags, Which Should I Choose

Some advice to help you choose between bow flags and feather flags for your indoor or outdoor trade show event

I believe feather flags came first, though they are related to bow flags. Although they do have a bit of structure to them, they are intentionally loose to flap in the wind like ‘Old Glory’. The flapping and the swiveling in the wind is intentional, of course, to draw the attention of passers by.

Often there is very little information on a feather flag because the motion makes it difficult to read any small print. Logos and big ideas are the main job of a feather flag, at least when used in an outdoor trade show event.

Feather Flag Exampe

Feather Flags

Here’s an example of a feather flag. Notice how the bottom and long edge are free to flap in the wind. There are two main base styles: a weighted base as shown or a stake that can be driven into the ground where open land is available for ‘planting’ them. They are designed to be virtually maintenance free and weather resistant within reason.

A very common design is something short and repetitive: your logo, branding and ‘SALE.’ Often times many flags are used in a row, creating a branding ‘division.’ For example, a car dealer may want to have 10 of them evenly distributed across the front of their entire lot. There would not be much more than branding on them since they would be a permanent eye catching display.

Bow FlagsExample of Bow Flags

Here’s an example of what I mean by bow flags. It looks like an old fashioned archer’s ‘long bow’ with the void between the bow and the string filled in with a sheet of material like the sail of a sailboat. Unlike the design of feather flags, bow flags are not designed to ‘flap in the wind’. This makes them far more suitable for more detailed printing and graphics. Bow flags are meant to follow the wind just like feather flags. However, the fabric stays flat, unless the wind is shifting a lot, making it possible to read smaller print. Exhibitors can include more details about a particular product on them.

Hopefully this information will leave you better informed on these two types of promotional items. One important thing to take note of is that both of these types of flags will stand straight and tall without wind making ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor event displays.

Click on the photos above to be directed to some flag product pages for browsing and learning specific details.

Next week I’ll write about the ‘big brother’ of these flags the ‘flag stand’ type of flag banner; they can be huge and are great for larger event displays. To research actual bow flags you can check out this site.


The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Trade Show Displays

While it may seem easy enough to take indoor trade show displays and move them outside, there are a few things to consider. Indoor and outdoor trade show displays are not created equal. Indoor trade show booths are made to stand in a well-controlled indoor exhibit. Outdoor displays are made to withstand wind, rain, and bright sunlight. Taking an indoor trade show display outside could damage the display.

3 Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Trade Show Displays

Outdoor Trade Show Displays - Tent


When traveling, many exhibitors want to have the lightest trade show booth possible to decrease the cost of shipping. However, if an exhibitor plans to use the display outdoors, weight is a very important feature to have. Wind speeds can be unpredictable, and a light-weight trade show booth can end up flying away when pushed by a strong wind. Indoor trade show displays are significantly lighter than outdoor trade show booths. Even the lightest outdoor trade show displays have weight bearing options. Exhibitors can add plastic water weights, sandbags or even staking kits to outdoor trade show displays. Many of these options will not work with indoor trade show booths. See what weight options are available on


As I said before, outdoor displays are made to withstand wind, rain, and the sun. Frequently, this means using vinyl graphics. These graphics are better suited for outdoor used for their durability and water resistance. The vinyl material will not let the printed graphic design fade in sun or rain. It is also more durable against possible tears. Similarly, the hardware is made of a stronger material that can hold a flag or tent canopy down again strong wind and rain without becoming damaged. Some indoor displays are made of lightweight plastics that will break under these conditions. Read more information about trade show materials on the APG website.


The durability of outdoor display makes them a great choice for any outdoor event. However, exhibitors that might want to save money by taking an indoor trade show booth outdoors may find an unwelcome surprise. Many of the indoor trade show displays have warranties against hardware damages for more than a year. However, if any damages occur to an indoor trade show booth that has been used outdoors the warranty may be voided. Manufacturers know that indoor displays cannot stand out to outdoor elements and limit warranties to indoor use only. An exhibitor looking to save money by using an indoor display outdoors may end up spending more by needing to purchase an entirely new trade show display when damages are made to the indoor display. Here are more details about warranties on APG’s Tips and Advice page.

Keep these things in mind when thinking about using the same display indoors and outdoors. If you need one display to fit both environment, it’s best to purchase an outdoor display and use it indoors.


The 5 Main Types of Outdoor Displays

What Are The Different Genres Of Outdoor Displays, And Which Can Work For You?

Outdoor Displays

The explosion of the promotional display industry has created many new display categories that hadn’t been previously available.  One of the signage types to benefit most from this explosion is that of outdoor displays.  Now the summer months – which  in the past would often see a drop in business – can be utilized to draw potential customers through the use of unique and engaging outdoor signs.  In this blog we’ll take a brief survey of what’s currently on the market and how you can use these signs for your particular needs.

- Pop Up Tents are used most often by vendors/exhibitors at street festivals, farmer’s markets, and other outdoor events.  They consist of collapsible hardware and either vinyl or knit-polyester fabric tops that are printed with brands/logos in brilliant full color.  Pop Up Tents are available in varying sizes, and they provide shelter to both event workers and attendees, plus they have a variety of available add-ons such as full back walls, side walls, and even feather flag tent toppers.

- Feather Flags and Bow Flags, along with Pop Up Tents, are one of the most common outdoor displays on the market.  These flags have been used for years to attract attention to storefronts, but with the advent of new hardware they are now able to be attached to variety of surfaces, including pop up tents, street poles, and more.  Additionally, new Premium shapes have hit the market, which represent the first-ever design evolution of these always popular outdoor displays.

- Outdoor Banner Stands take the design concepts of traditional trade show banner displays, and then adapt both the hardware and graphics for outdoor use.  Hardware becomes more “beefy” with the addition of weighted bases and springs or swivels to increase pliability in high winds, and graphics are printed on vinyl or fabric specifically formulated to withstand inclement weather.

- Outdoor Event Furniture, such as seen here, is a relative newcomer to the world of outdoor displays, but can have a huge impact on an exhibiting area.  By providing a place for potential customers to relax inside of your exhibit space, you have succeeded in both attracting possible business as well as positively associating your brand in the minds of those potential customers; a win-win!

- Pole Signs and Street Banners have become a go-to for municipalities looking to either “spruce up” the look of a public thoroughfare or to advertise a special location or event.  Advancements in technology now allow for varying display types – such as feather flags and bow flags – to be mounted to poles, for a unique look not previously possible.

As you can see, no matter what your summer advertising goals are, there is a perfect outdoor display available for you.  Now get out and get selling!


Pop Up Tents: What Are Your Options?

Figuring Out Which Pop Up Tents Are Right For You

Pop Up TentsLocal businesses and large corporations alike are finding out that summer festivals are a great place to engage consumers in a spot where they tend to be already relaxed and open to hearing about useful products and services.  Since these events are almost always held outdoors, pop up tents have become the first display purchase of choice due to their dual capabilities of brand advertising and shelter from the elements.  However, any quick scan of the available offerings makes it clear that there is a wide variety of decisions to be made when actually moving to the purchasing stage.  We’re going to take just a few moments today to go over the most common options by asking two different questions, so that you can choose the right set-up for your particular situation.

1. What Type?

The term “pop up tents” actually covers a whole gamut of quick set-up promotional shelters that can be used for events.  The most standard type is what you probably visualize first when thinking of a pop up tent: the kind with a collapsible frame and vinyl top that might be used for tailgating or a farmers market.  These are by far the most popular and the serve a great purpose, however the options don’t stop there.  The industry is now producing inflatable tents, similar to what is seen here, that require a slightly higher initial investment, but provide an opportunity for total branding and a unique look that stands out from the rest.  Additionally, large stretch tents, called “Galaxy Tents,” lend a feeling more akin to a big-top tent, and have the ability to pull in potential customers from a long distance away.

2. What Options?

More than ever, pop up tents are able to be customized to a high degree, but understanding the terminology involved is not always easy.  The most common options available (speaking primarily in regards to the standard, collapsible frame pop up tents) are for back walls and side walls.  Back walls, as the name suggests, attach to the frame at the back of the tent, covering the entirety of the rear space provided.  Depending on what size tent is purchased – choices are typically 10′ x 10′, 10′ x 15′, and 10′ x 20′ – these back walls can have a myriad of promotional uses.  Side wall options attach to the sides of the hardware and normally are only 1/3 height, measuring from the ground-up.  These lend an “inclusive” feeling to your booth by enclosing the area more.  You can see an example of a 10′ x 10′ tent with both a back wall and side walls here.

Past the typical back wall and side walls, you have options such as tent toppers – which tend to be feather flags and bow flags – or there are also more recent innovations such as placing a custom inflatable piece on the top of the tent, which require a bit more thought and effort, but provide an impressive visual.