Incorporating Several Outdoor Displays in One

The secret to creating the best, most unique event display is by incorporating a variety of outdoor displays into one, large display. has a wide variety of outdoor displays that can easily be used together. Here, I will point out a few outdoor displays that can be used from the APG website to create a great outdoor trade show display.

Outdoor Displays

Pop Up Tents


Start with a strong foundation for your outdoor display. Any exhibitor planning to attend an outdoor display for a few hours should have a tent at minimum. It provides excellent branding space to display logos, brand names and primary brand messages. It also protects the booth staff from the elements, including sun and rain. Tents come in sizes from 10′ x 10′ to 20′ x 20′. Chose a size that will fit your budget and any other outdoor displays you want to use in the tent.


Outdoor Displays:Deck Chair Event Furniture [No Arms]

Event Furniture has two types of event furniture to choose from: deck furniture and inflatable furniture. Pictured on the left is a deck chair lounger. It is light-weight and easy to store as a collapsible piece. The inflatable furniture is also easy to work with, especially with the optional blower system. The blower system inflates and deflates the outdoor event furniture in minutes for you.

Outdoor banners

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners like this 16′ Wind Dancer can attract additional attention with its fluttering flag and additional height. However, smaller flags can be just as effective when placed at the tent entrance. Two bow flags at a tent entrance can help outdoor exhibitors better display logos and attract more traffic to the tent.


If you’re still unsure how a few outdoor displays will work together, check out APG’s virtual, interactive outdoor event environment. APG put together a wide variety of outdoor displays to show customers exactly how these displays can work together to create amazing event displays.

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