What Outdoor Trade Show Products Are Available to Exhibitors

Exhibitors have a wide range of outdoor trade show products to choose from on the APG website. New exhibitors can consider outdoor display kits that make display design and set-up quick and easy. Experienced event marketers can also consider picking and choosing among the wide range of outdoor display options. To make is easy for any exhibitor, here is a breakdown of the available options on

Outdoor Event Kits – All Trade Show Products Included

TailGatePkg trade show products
Tent kits, like the Tailgater Total Kit pictured on the left, are all-inclusive kits to make design and set up easy. These kits feature multi-piece sets to help new exhibitors enure they have all the trade show products necessary for an impressive outdoor display. The Tailgater Total Kit includes a 10′ x 10′ tent, large feather flag, table cover, director’s chair and a cooler! This tent will not only look attractive but the seating a cool drinks will bring in more attendees than many competitors’.


APG Exhibits has a wide variety of tent options to choose from.  This is where exhibitors can get creative with their outdoor event display designs. Tent sizes range from 10′x 10′ to 10′ x 15′ and 10′ x 20′. Trade show products like additional side walls and backwalls are also available for any tent display. APG recently added double sided backwall options for the updated tents. All tents have been reduced in price with APG’s newest tent update.

Feather & Bow Flag trade show productsFlags

Flags are great trade show products to compliment outdoor tents. These can be set in front of a tent to attract additional attention. They’re simple, yet colorful and can display your logo or information in a dynamic way.  Unlike static signs, these unique banners capture the breeze and begin to move, grabbing customer attention. Exhibitors can use one, two, or more feather flags or bow flags to compliment a tent.

Event Furniture

Chairs and other pieces of event furniture are great options for any outdoor display. Many outdoor event attendees will spend hours on their feet. They will likely appreciate finding a few spare seats to take a load off for a few minutes. This can give tent staff an opportunity to spring up a casual conversation and promote products or services. Consider your goals and event attendees when choosing event furniture. Inflatable options can provide more branding space, but they may not give your outdoor display the look your attendees will like. See all event furniture options here.

Table Covers

Tables are essential outdoor trade show products. They provide a place to keep literature, product samples, giveaways and more. Adding a table cover gives exhibitors additional branding space and makes a an old portable table look sharp and professional. Consider the fitted table cover options for an outdoor display. The fitted covers are less likely to fall off or become hard to read in the wind.


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