Incorporating Several Outdoor Displays in One

The secret to creating the best, most unique event display is by incorporating a variety of outdoor displays into one, large display. has a wide variety of outdoor displays that can easily be used together. Here, I will point out a few outdoor displays that can be used from the APG website to create a great outdoor trade show display.

Outdoor Displays

Pop Up Tents


Start with a strong foundation for your outdoor display. Any exhibitor planning to attend an outdoor display for a few hours should have a tent at minimum. It provides excellent branding space to display logos, brand names and primary brand messages. It also protects the booth staff from the elements, including sun and rain. Tents come in sizes from 10′ x 10′ to 20′ x 20′. Chose a size that will fit your budget and any other outdoor displays you want to use in the tent.


Outdoor Displays:Deck Chair Event Furniture [No Arms]

Event Furniture has two types of event furniture to choose from: deck furniture and inflatable furniture. Pictured on the left is a deck chair lounger. It is light-weight and easy to store as a collapsible piece. The inflatable furniture is also easy to work with, especially with the optional blower system. The blower system inflates and deflates the outdoor event furniture in minutes for you.

Outdoor banners

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners like this 16′ Wind Dancer can attract additional attention with its fluttering flag and additional height. However, smaller flags can be just as effective when placed at the tent entrance. Two bow flags at a tent entrance can help outdoor exhibitors better display logos and attract more traffic to the tent.


If you’re still unsure how a few outdoor displays will work together, check out APG’s virtual, interactive outdoor event environment. APG put together a wide variety of outdoor displays to show customers exactly how these displays can work together to create amazing event displays.

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Outdoor Banners Are More Than Your Average Outdoor Display

Looking At Some Alternative Ways To Utilize Outdoor Banners

Outdoor BannersChances are, if you visit any sort of street fest or farmers market this summer, you’ll see the ubiquitous vinyl outdoor banner.  This genre of signage has been in use for decades and has allowed people an inexpensive way to advertise their business, product, or service.  In the recent past, however, as newer technologies have become the rage, these simple outdoor banners have become somewhat forgotten about.  Today, we’ll check out a few ways that they can be of great assistance in nearly any outdoor advertising situation you may have.

1. Street Pole Banners

While some may view pole banners as an “old-fashioned”  way of advertising, the plain fact is that they work.  Street banners first have a huge advantage by being cheap to produce and relatively easy to install (with specific hardware).  This lower cost leads to the second benefit, which is that you can purchase many of them to display a unified message.  The pole banner is a favorite of municipalities looking to improve the visual impact of a primary street, giving a classier and more put-together impression to visitors, or to promote a particular event.

2. Event Barriers

Ever been to a marathon?  How about an outdoor concert or admission-paid street fest?  Pretty much everyone has, and one thing common to all them is the use of crowd-control event barriers.  These barriers, typically just sections of PVC piping linked together provide the perfect canvas for advertising with outdoor banners.  Installation is a snap using just zip-ties with grommets sewn into the banner, meaning in just a few minutes and for very little cost, you can easily generate additional revenue for your event or company just by making use of something that needs to be in place anyways!

3. Stage Banners

Nearly every town in the country – big, medium, and small – has at least one type of outdoor festival during the summer months.  Some of them are huge music festivals and some just smaller “Taste Of City” events.  Regardless of the what they’re called, they typically incorporate music of some sort as part of the attraction and/or entrance fee.  With concerts come stages, and with stages come the perfect opportunity to advertise using outdoor banners.  Concert stages are unique in that they are pretty much the only place in the entire event where a large portion of the crowd will be voluntarily paying attention in one particular direction for an extended period of time.  Make use of this unique facet by bordering the stage with low-cost promotional outdoor banners.  If you’re a promoter, it’s great for the festival budget, and if you’re an advertiser it’s great for the exposure.  A veritable win-win!



Material Types For Outdoor Banners For Concert Stages

Nearly Every Concert Stage Uses Outdoor Banners, So What Are Your Options?

Custom Outdoor Banners

One of the best parts about the warmer months of the year are the slew of outdoor events that come to towns and cities all across the country.  Most of the time these events are accompanied by regional or national musical acts, set up on a large stage with professional equipment and lights.  These stages are often the focal point of a large majority of event attendees, so wise promoters utilize the stage perimeters as revenue generators by allowing corporations the ability to advertise in those spaces.  In this blog we’ll take a brief look at what material types are available when producing these banners.

1. Vinyl

The old standby, vinyl is the least expensive and most widely available material for printing outdoor banners.  Make sure to specifically request “outdoor vinyl,” which is heavier and specially treated to withstand the effects of harsh weather.  Also, you may want to look into having “wind slits” cut into the material, which allow wind to pass through much easier.  Some sites provide handy banner size calculators to give you an instant printing quote, which takes much of the guesswork out of the process.

2. Cotton

Another old standby (but being slowing phased out) is using a cotton material for your outdoor banners.  It’s advantages over vinyl are that it is much lighter, is more porous for less wind-resistance, and it can be folded down for storage, which vinyl does not allow since it tends to crease easily if folded for any significant length of time.  Wind slits are usually not necessary for cotton, however the price-per-square-foot comes at a much higher premium over vinyl.

3. Knit Polyester Fabric

The newest substrate for printing outdoor banners is knit polyester.  This material has traditionally been used for display products like table covers and pop up trade show displays, but it can be incredibly useful for outdoor banners as well.  It’s incredibly lightweight and can be folded down without creasing for long-term storage (if creases do occur they can be smoothed out with a little water and some hanging time).  The dye-sublimation printing process sets the ink directly into the fabric, which along with it’s porous nature, makes it great for standing up to inclement weather.  It is also much cheaper than cotton and lends a much more “modern” look.

One of the best ways to get your companies name “out there” this summer is to purchase advertising space at outdoor concerts and events.  Using the tips above you should be able to find the perfect solution for your situation and budgetary needs!


Premium Feather Flags for Outdoor Events, Store Fronts and more

Premium Feather Flags

APG Trade Show Displays’ newest addition of feather flags have a variety of uses. The new, attractive shapes and updated durability give them more opportunities for use than feather flags of the past. APG’s Premium Feather Flags, which can be found online, are great for store fronts, outdoor events and more. Let me tell you a little more about these feather flags before I start sharing some great examples on how to use them.

The Premium Feather Flags have updated hardware made of aviation-grade fiberglass poles. This keeps the hardware weight light, but still increases its durability. The 26″ ground stake helps the feather flag stand up against high winds. Each feather flag is different, but many can stand up to winds moving as fast as 30 miles per hour. The graphics are printed in vibrant full-color on a knit polyester fabric. You have the option of printing on single sided (only correctly visible on one side) or double sided (where the graphic is readable on both sides).

The Premium Feather Flags are an evolution of the standard bow flag outdoor displays, seen here. These feather flags have an updated look with stronger hardware that can withstand many outdoor environments. That makes these outdoor displays perfect for store fronts and outdoor events. These displays can even be used indoors with an x-base. The versatility of these feather flags make them a great purchase that can be used over and over again, in a variety of environments to attract trade show attendees, customers and more.

Great Ways to Display Feather Flags

If you’re planning to attend an outdoor event and you want your brand to have a presence, using the Premium Feather Flags to accent a pop up tent would be perfect. You can angle the flags to catch people’s eye in a direction where they wouldn’t be able to see your brand other wise. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from on the APG website. Make sure you choose one that will be visible and compliments your brand. The added flags will also make your tent look more professional and put together. You can reuse these feather flags at your store front as well.

Don’t think that you can only use your feather flags at certain events. Design your flags to be reused at your store front. When designing, consider annual or seasonal sales that you have and see if you can incorporate these sales in your design. You can also keep your feather flag design informational so new customers can have a better understanding of what your company does and who your brand is. For more tips on artwork design, read this art design checklist on the APG website or review this blog about artwork design. When you have a reusable design make, you can set these just outside of your door to attract passing shoppers or stake your flags by a nearby street to draw in traffic driving by. You can even use these flags indoors to promote any current sales you have.

While these flags can be used for indoor and outdoor use, the Premium Feather Flags are largely designed for outdoor use with the 26″ stake.


The 5 Main Types of Outdoor Displays

What Are The Different Genres Of Outdoor Displays, And Which Can Work For You?

Outdoor Displays

The explosion of the promotional display industry has created many new display categories that hadn’t been previously available.  One of the signage types to benefit most from this explosion is that of outdoor displays.  Now the summer months – which  in the past would often see a drop in business – can be utilized to draw potential customers through the use of unique and engaging outdoor signs.  In this blog we’ll take a brief survey of what’s currently on the market and how you can use these signs for your particular needs.

- Pop Up Tents are used most often by vendors/exhibitors at street festivals, farmer’s markets, and other outdoor events.  They consist of collapsible hardware and either vinyl or knit-polyester fabric tops that are printed with brands/logos in brilliant full color.  Pop Up Tents are available in varying sizes, and they provide shelter to both event workers and attendees, plus they have a variety of available add-ons such as full back walls, side walls, and even feather flag tent toppers.

- Feather Flags and Bow Flags, along with Pop Up Tents, are one of the most common outdoor displays on the market.  These flags have been used for years to attract attention to storefronts, but with the advent of new hardware they are now able to be attached to variety of surfaces, including pop up tents, street poles, and more.  Additionally, new Premium shapes have hit the market, which represent the first-ever design evolution of these always popular outdoor displays.

- Outdoor Banner Stands take the design concepts of traditional trade show banner displays, and then adapt both the hardware and graphics for outdoor use.  Hardware becomes more “beefy” with the addition of weighted bases and springs or swivels to increase pliability in high winds, and graphics are printed on vinyl or fabric specifically formulated to withstand inclement weather.

- Outdoor Event Furniture, such as seen here, is a relative newcomer to the world of outdoor displays, but can have a huge impact on an exhibiting area.  By providing a place for potential customers to relax inside of your exhibit space, you have succeeded in both attracting possible business as well as positively associating your brand in the minds of those potential customers; a win-win!

- Pole Signs and Street Banners have become a go-to for municipalities looking to either “spruce up” the look of a public thoroughfare or to advertise a special location or event.  Advancements in technology now allow for varying display types – such as feather flags and bow flags – to be mounted to poles, for a unique look not previously possible.

As you can see, no matter what your summer advertising goals are, there is a perfect outdoor display available for you.  Now get out and get selling!


Pop Up Tents: What Are Your Options?

Figuring Out Which Pop Up Tents Are Right For You

Pop Up TentsLocal businesses and large corporations alike are finding out that summer festivals are a great place to engage consumers in a spot where they tend to be already relaxed and open to hearing about useful products and services.  Since these events are almost always held outdoors, pop up tents have become the first display purchase of choice due to their dual capabilities of brand advertising and shelter from the elements.  However, any quick scan of the available offerings makes it clear that there is a wide variety of decisions to be made when actually moving to the purchasing stage.  We’re going to take just a few moments today to go over the most common options by asking two different questions, so that you can choose the right set-up for your particular situation.

1. What Type?

The term “pop up tents” actually covers a whole gamut of quick set-up promotional shelters that can be used for events.  The most standard type is what you probably visualize first when thinking of a pop up tent: the kind with a collapsible frame and vinyl top that might be used for tailgating or a farmers market.  These are by far the most popular and the serve a great purpose, however the options don’t stop there.  The industry is now producing inflatable tents, similar to what is seen here, that require a slightly higher initial investment, but provide an opportunity for total branding and a unique look that stands out from the rest.  Additionally, large stretch tents, called “Galaxy Tents,” lend a feeling more akin to a big-top tent, and have the ability to pull in potential customers from a long distance away.

2. What Options?

More than ever, pop up tents are able to be customized to a high degree, but understanding the terminology involved is not always easy.  The most common options available (speaking primarily in regards to the standard, collapsible frame pop up tents) are for back walls and side walls.  Back walls, as the name suggests, attach to the frame at the back of the tent, covering the entirety of the rear space provided.  Depending on what size tent is purchased – choices are typically 10′ x 10′, 10′ x 15′, and 10′ x 20′ – these back walls can have a myriad of promotional uses.  Side wall options attach to the sides of the hardware and normally are only 1/3 height, measuring from the ground-up.  These lend an “inclusive” feeling to your booth by enclosing the area more.  You can see an example of a 10′ x 10′ tent with both a back wall and side walls here.

Past the typical back wall and side walls, you have options such as tent toppers – which tend to be feather flags and bow flags – or there are also more recent innovations such as placing a custom inflatable piece on the top of the tent, which require a bit more thought and effort, but provide an impressive visual.


3 New Ways To Use Feather Flags And Bow Flags

How To Re-Purpose Traditional Feather Flags To Attract Attention

Feather Flags and Bow FlagsEverybody has seen the standard feather flags – probably all lined up in a row outside of a storefront, or maybe indicating a place of interest at an outdoor event.  These days, though, feather flags have a much wider set of uses in the past due to advancements in display technology.  Today we’ll take a look at these new uses and how they may work perfectly for your next event or promotion.

1. As Pole Signs

Pole signs have long been used by municipalities to advertise happenings or points of interest within their cities and towns, but they have always stuck to the same general size and shape, without much to differentiate one from another other than the design used.  Enter the venerable feather flag.  By making use of custom-designed mounting hardware, feather and bow flags can now be attached to poles for an extra visual “pop” that was never before possible.

2. As Pop Up Tent Add-Ons

Pop Up Tents are one of the most widely used outdoor displays, and with good reason.  They provide shelter/shade for both event workers and attendees, as well as multiple branding opportunities, but until recently they all looked pretty much the same from tent-to-tent.  Now those interested in purchasing or updating their pop up tents can utilize feather flags as accents by attaching to either the sides or the top of the tent hardware.  This small addition can have a big impact in attracting the eyes of event attendees, without much effect on the overall marketing budget.

3. As Mobile Advertising

Feather flags have now gone mobile!  One of the newest forays into the outdoor promotional advertising world, Backpack Flags and Billboards are becoming more and more popular due to their light weight and portability.  Are you finding the cost of exhibiting at a local festival a bit too daunting?  Reduce those expenses drastically by simply purchasing a backpack feather flag and hiring someone to walk around the festival – instant brand exposure to thousands of people!

As you can see, the standard feather flags no longer have to be just “standard” – add them to your marketing set up today!



Three Alternative Outdoor Displays To Promote Your Brand

New Outdoor Displays Go To Where Your Customers Are

Backpack Flag Outdoor DisplaysMore than ever before, companies are turning to alternative methods of brand promotion in the summer months.  For example, a quick drive in almost any neighborhood will more than likely turn up a few “sign-spinners” posted on street corners, which was an almost entirely unheard-of marketing approach up until just a few years ago.  In an effort to keep up with the times, providers of outdoor displays are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to bring brand messages directly to the public, and we’ll take a look at a few of these today.

1. The Backpack Flag

One of the newer mobile display genres is the Backpack Flag/Billboard.  These handy products combine lightweight “backpacks” with full-color printed flag graphics to create an incredibly versatile promotional tool.  The return-on-investment for these particular outdoor displays tends to be very high because of the variety of situations they can be used in.  For example, perhaps you decide at the last minute that you want to exhibit at a local street fair.  You contact the people responsible for selling vending space only to find out that all possible booth spots are filled up, or maybe you’re attempting to jump on board too late in the game.  With backpack flags and billboards your problem is solved: simply hire someone to don the product and walk through the event for the entire day!  For a very small expense you have now exposed your brands to hundreds, even thousands, of potential customers.

2. Event Furniture

Another recent entry into the outdoor displays category is that of promotional event furniture.  These innovative displays utilize standard and not-so-standard furniture styles to provide completely cohesive branding for any type of event.  Now when you see weary festival goers walking past your vending area, you can invite them to stop by and “take a load off,” which has the dual effect of getting potential customers into your booth area as well as associating your brand positively with a relaxing rest on a hot day.

3. The PopOut Billboard

If you have found the typical feather flag or banner stand too boring for your brand, the PopOut Billboard may be the perfect thing.  Available in 3 sizes, this unique take on standard outdoor displays is lightweight and printed on both sides in dynamic full color.  They can be placed nearly anywhere, even elevated surfaces, and provide a break to the eyes of potential customers, who may otherwise glance past a “regular” sign.

No matter what your marketing objectives are this summer, you can be sure to meet by taking the “road less traveled” and utilizing these alternative types of outdoor displays!



Outdoor Event Furniture Brings Your Branding To The “Next Level”

Using Outdoor Event Furniture To Attract Potential Customers

Deck Chair Outdoor Event FurnitureSummer time is finally here, and with it comes a myriad of opportunities for bringing your brand into the public marketplace.  Concerts, street festivals, farmers markets, and more provide you the chance to reach more potential customers than ever before, and many a company have gotten a much-needed summertime business boost simply by participating in various outdoor events.  But how do you know if your outdoor display area is going to attract the amount of attention needed to make the whole effort worth your time?  Start by taking a walk through a local event in your area and evaluating what types of displays would pull you in and make you want to know more about what they are selling or promoting.

Many booth spaces take too simple of an approach by utilizing only basic display types, such as a retractable banner stand and maybe a table cover.  However, companies with more impressive booth designs are now turning more and more to outdoor event furniture for the extra “kick” that is sure to get them recognized.  Outdoor Event Furniture typically consists of different furniture types branded with a company or product logo, used primarily for the purpose of creating a more “inviting” environment.

Though they may not always be the cheapest genre of displays, the use of outdoor event furniture has a multi-pronged effect.  The primary, and most desired, effect is to create an atmosphere of comfort.  Often times event attendees tend to avoid certain vendor areas due to a feeling of not wanting to be bothered and “pitched” to.  Outdoor event furniture can alleviate this problem entirely by projecting a welcoming feeling that says, “Come on in and sit down!”  Tired festival goers will be all too eager to make use of a relaxed sitting area, at which point you’ve accomplished your main goal by simply getting them into your booth area!

Additionally outdoor event furniture has the benefit of associating your brand positively in the consumers’ mind.  On a long, hot day, an inflatable lounger as seen here can get event attendees off of their feet and into a relaxed state of mind, all while positively associating their relaxation with your brand.

Lastly, outdoor event furniture can bring a level of polish and professionalism to the overall feel of your booth, which is one of the most significant factors that potential customers take into account when walking past.  Instead of having just a boring sign and maybe a table cover, outdoor furniture can help to provide a cohesive look where multiple types of displays all communicate your brand harmoniously.

If you’re planning to exhibit at any outdoor events this summer, consider including outdoor furniture in your booth design and you may get a better ROI than you ever thought possible!


Outdoor Feather Flags Evolved: New Premium Shapes Turn Heads

Shield Premium Outdoor Feather Flags

The Newest Innovation In The World Of Outdoor Feather Flags

For years, Outdoor Feather Flags (or Bow Flags) have been a stalwart in the promotional signage and outdoor display world.  These feather- and tear-shaped advertising flags provide a high level of “bang for your buck,” and can be used in a multitude of ways.  As effective as they have been, there has not been any significant improvement in the overall design of these flags since their introduction into the event and trade show display world.

Until now.

Outdoor Feather Flags have recently hit an evolution point with the introduction of the Premium Line, showcasing dynamic and eye-catching shapes.  These new Premium Outdoor Feather Flags have several advantages over the traditional versions:

1. Innovative Shapes

Everyone has seen the same standard one or two variations on outdoor feather flags.  The new Premium offerings change all of that by branching into formerly uncharted design territory.  Instead of normal, boring tear-drop and feather shapes, users can now choose from more exciting ones like Leaf and Shield shapes.  This simple change can make all the difference in attracting a potential customer’s eyes and, consequently, their business.

2. Re-Imagined Hardware

The line of Premium Outdoor Feather Flags utilize aviation-grade fiberglass poles to achieve their dramatic shapes, but these poles aren’t just a one-trick pony.  They are also lighter, stronger, and more durable than any previous iterations of the feather flag, which not only make for a longer-lasting outdoor display, but they also provide the added benefit of reducing shipping costs and physical strain during set-up and tear-down.

3. Versatility

Whether being used indoors or outdoors, with a weighted X-base for flat ground placement or a pointed heavy-duty ground stake for driving into soil, the Premium line of Outdoor Feather Flags can be used in nearly any situation imaginable!  They have been engineered (and battle-tested) to withstand winds of up to 60mph for single-sided flags and 45mph for double-sided flags, giving you the confidence that they can be used in all but the most severe of inclement weather situations.

The next time you’re looking to purchase outdoor feather flags, take a moment to compare the new Premium line with the old standard versions – you just may find that the evolution of these display systems is perfect for your needs!