Premium Feather Flags for Outdoor Events, Store Fronts and more

Premium Feather Flags

APG Trade Show Displays’ newest addition of feather flags have a variety of uses. The new, attractive shapes and updated durability give them more opportunities for use than feather flags of the past. APG’s Premium Feather Flags, which can be found online, are great for store fronts, outdoor events and more. Let me tell you a little more about these feather flags before I start sharing some great examples on how to use them.

The Premium Feather Flags have updated hardware made of aviation-grade fiberglass poles. This keeps the hardware weight light, but still increases its durability. The 26″ ground stake helps the feather flag stand up against high winds. Each feather flag is different, but many can stand up to winds moving as fast as 30 miles per hour. The graphics are printed in vibrant full-color on a knit polyester fabric. You have the option of printing on single sided (only correctly visible on one side) or double sided (where the graphic is readable on both sides).

The Premium Feather Flags are an evolution of the standard bow flag outdoor displays, seen here. These feather flags have an updated look with stronger hardware that can withstand many outdoor environments. That makes these outdoor displays perfect for store fronts and outdoor events. These displays can even be used indoors with an x-base. The versatility of these feather flags make them a great purchase that can be used over and over again, in a variety of environments to attract trade show attendees, customers and more.

Great Ways to Display Feather Flags

If you’re planning to attend an outdoor event and you want your brand to have a presence, using the Premium Feather Flags to accent a pop up tent would be perfect. You can angle the flags to catch people’s eye in a direction where they wouldn’t be able to see your brand other wise. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from on the APG website. Make sure you choose one that will be visible and compliments your brand. The added flags will also make your tent look more professional and put together. You can reuse these feather flags at your store front as well.

Don’t think that you can only use your feather flags at certain events. Design your flags to be reused at your store front. When designing, consider annual or seasonal sales that you have and see if you can incorporate these sales in your design. You can also keep your feather flag design informational so new customers can have a better understanding of what your company does and who your brand is. For more tips on artwork design, read this art design checklist on the APG website or review this blog about artwork design. When you have a reusable design make, you can set these just outside of your door to attract passing shoppers or stake your flags by a nearby street to draw in traffic driving by. You can even use these flags indoors to promote any current sales you have.

While these flags can be used for indoor and outdoor use, the Premium Feather Flags are largely designed for outdoor use with the 26″ stake.