Three Alternative Outdoor Displays To Promote Your Brand

New Outdoor Displays Go To Where Your Customers Are

Backpack Flag Outdoor DisplaysMore than ever before, companies are turning to alternative methods of brand promotion in the summer months.  For example, a quick drive in almost any neighborhood will more than likely turn up a few “sign-spinners” posted on street corners, which was an almost entirely unheard-of marketing approach up until just a few years ago.  In an effort to keep up with the times, providers of outdoor displays are coming up with increasingly innovative ways to bring brand messages directly to the public, and we’ll take a look at a few of these today.

1. The Backpack Flag

One of the newer mobile display genres is the Backpack Flag/Billboard.  These handy products combine lightweight “backpacks” with full-color printed flag graphics to create an incredibly versatile promotional tool.  The return-on-investment for these particular outdoor displays tends to be very high because of the variety of situations they can be used in.  For example, perhaps you decide at the last minute that you want to exhibit at a local street fair.  You contact the people responsible for selling vending space only to find out that all possible booth spots are filled up, or maybe you’re attempting to jump on board too late in the game.  With backpack flags and billboards your problem is solved: simply hire someone to don the product and walk through the event for the entire day!  For a very small expense you have now exposed your brands to hundreds, even thousands, of potential customers.

2. Event Furniture

Another recent entry into the outdoor displays category is that of promotional event furniture.  These innovative displays utilize standard and not-so-standard furniture styles to provide completely cohesive branding for any type of event.  Now when you see weary festival goers walking past your vending area, you can invite them to stop by and “take a load off,” which has the dual effect of getting potential customers into your booth area as well as associating your brand positively with a relaxing rest on a hot day.

3. The PopOut Billboard

If you have found the typical feather flag or banner stand too boring for your brand, the PopOut Billboard may be the perfect thing.  Available in 3 sizes, this unique take on standard outdoor displays is lightweight and printed on both sides in dynamic full color.  They can be placed nearly anywhere, even elevated surfaces, and provide a break to the eyes of potential customers, who may otherwise glance past a “regular” sign.

No matter what your marketing objectives are this summer, you can be sure to meet by taking the “road less traveled” and utilizing these alternative types of outdoor displays!



Outdoor Event Furniture Brings Your Branding To The “Next Level”

Using Outdoor Event Furniture To Attract Potential Customers

Deck Chair Outdoor Event FurnitureSummer time is finally here, and with it comes a myriad of opportunities for bringing your brand into the public marketplace.  Concerts, street festivals, farmers markets, and more provide you the chance to reach more potential customers than ever before, and many a company have gotten a much-needed summertime business boost simply by participating in various outdoor events.  But how do you know if your outdoor display area is going to attract the amount of attention needed to make the whole effort worth your time?  Start by taking a walk through a local event in your area and evaluating what types of displays would pull you in and make you want to know more about what they are selling or promoting.

Many booth spaces take too simple of an approach by utilizing only basic display types, such as a retractable banner stand and maybe a table cover.  However, companies with more impressive booth designs are now turning more and more to outdoor event furniture for the extra “kick” that is sure to get them recognized.  Outdoor Event Furniture typically consists of different furniture types branded with a company or product logo, used primarily for the purpose of creating a more “inviting” environment.

Though they may not always be the cheapest genre of displays, the use of outdoor event furniture has a multi-pronged effect.  The primary, and most desired, effect is to create an atmosphere of comfort.  Often times event attendees tend to avoid certain vendor areas due to a feeling of not wanting to be bothered and “pitched” to.  Outdoor event furniture can alleviate this problem entirely by projecting a welcoming feeling that says, “Come on in and sit down!”  Tired festival goers will be all too eager to make use of a relaxed sitting area, at which point you’ve accomplished your main goal by simply getting them into your booth area!

Additionally outdoor event furniture has the benefit of associating your brand positively in the consumers’ mind.  On a long, hot day, an inflatable lounger as seen here can get event attendees off of their feet and into a relaxed state of mind, all while positively associating their relaxation with your brand.

Lastly, outdoor event furniture can bring a level of polish and professionalism to the overall feel of your booth, which is one of the most significant factors that potential customers take into account when walking past.  Instead of having just a boring sign and maybe a table cover, outdoor furniture can help to provide a cohesive look where multiple types of displays all communicate your brand harmoniously.

If you’re planning to exhibit at any outdoor events this summer, consider including outdoor furniture in your booth design and you may get a better ROI than you ever thought possible!