The 5 Main Types of Outdoor Displays

What Are The Different Genres Of Outdoor Displays, And Which Can Work For You?

Outdoor Displays

The explosion of the promotional display industry has created many new display categories that hadn’t been previously available.  One of the signage types to benefit most from this explosion is that of outdoor displays.  Now the summer months – which  in the past would often see a drop in business – can be utilized to draw potential customers through the use of unique and engaging outdoor signs.  In this blog we’ll take a brief survey of what’s currently on the market and how you can use these signs for your particular needs.

- Pop Up Tents are used most often by vendors/exhibitors at street festivals, farmer’s markets, and other outdoor events.  They consist of collapsible hardware and either vinyl or knit-polyester fabric tops that are printed with brands/logos in brilliant full color.  Pop Up Tents are available in varying sizes, and they provide shelter to both event workers and attendees, plus they have a variety of available add-ons such as full back walls, side walls, and even feather flag tent toppers.

- Feather Flags and Bow Flags, along with Pop Up Tents, are one of the most common outdoor displays on the market.  These flags have been used for years to attract attention to storefronts, but with the advent of new hardware they are now able to be attached to variety of surfaces, including pop up tents, street poles, and more.  Additionally, new Premium shapes have hit the market, which represent the first-ever design evolution of these always popular outdoor displays.

- Outdoor Banner Stands take the design concepts of traditional trade show banner displays, and then adapt both the hardware and graphics for outdoor use.  Hardware becomes more “beefy” with the addition of weighted bases and springs or swivels to increase pliability in high winds, and graphics are printed on vinyl or fabric specifically formulated to withstand inclement weather.

- Outdoor Event Furniture, such as seen here, is a relative newcomer to the world of outdoor displays, but can have a huge impact on an exhibiting area.  By providing a place for potential customers to relax inside of your exhibit space, you have succeeded in both attracting possible business as well as positively associating your brand in the minds of those potential customers; a win-win!

- Pole Signs and Street Banners have become a go-to for municipalities looking to either “spruce up” the look of a public thoroughfare or to advertise a special location or event.  Advancements in technology now allow for varying display types – such as feather flags and bow flags – to be mounted to poles, for a unique look not previously possible.

As you can see, no matter what your summer advertising goals are, there is a perfect outdoor display available for you.  Now get out and get selling!


Outdoor Event Furniture Brings Your Branding To The “Next Level”

Using Outdoor Event Furniture To Attract Potential Customers

Deck Chair Outdoor Event FurnitureSummer time is finally here, and with it comes a myriad of opportunities for bringing your brand into the public marketplace.  Concerts, street festivals, farmers markets, and more provide you the chance to reach more potential customers than ever before, and many a company have gotten a much-needed summertime business boost simply by participating in various outdoor events.  But how do you know if your outdoor display area is going to attract the amount of attention needed to make the whole effort worth your time?  Start by taking a walk through a local event in your area and evaluating what types of displays would pull you in and make you want to know more about what they are selling or promoting.

Many booth spaces take too simple of an approach by utilizing only basic display types, such as a retractable banner stand and maybe a table cover.  However, companies with more impressive booth designs are now turning more and more to outdoor event furniture for the extra “kick” that is sure to get them recognized.  Outdoor Event Furniture typically consists of different furniture types branded with a company or product logo, used primarily for the purpose of creating a more “inviting” environment.

Though they may not always be the cheapest genre of displays, the use of outdoor event furniture has a multi-pronged effect.  The primary, and most desired, effect is to create an atmosphere of comfort.  Often times event attendees tend to avoid certain vendor areas due to a feeling of not wanting to be bothered and “pitched” to.  Outdoor event furniture can alleviate this problem entirely by projecting a welcoming feeling that says, “Come on in and sit down!”  Tired festival goers will be all too eager to make use of a relaxed sitting area, at which point you’ve accomplished your main goal by simply getting them into your booth area!

Additionally outdoor event furniture has the benefit of associating your brand positively in the consumers’ mind.  On a long, hot day, an inflatable lounger as seen here can get event attendees off of their feet and into a relaxed state of mind, all while positively associating their relaxation with your brand.

Lastly, outdoor event furniture can bring a level of polish and professionalism to the overall feel of your booth, which is one of the most significant factors that potential customers take into account when walking past.  Instead of having just a boring sign and maybe a table cover, outdoor furniture can help to provide a cohesive look where multiple types of displays all communicate your brand harmoniously.

If you’re planning to exhibit at any outdoor events this summer, consider including outdoor furniture in your booth design and you may get a better ROI than you ever thought possible!