Outdoor Banners Are More Than Your Average Outdoor Display

Looking At Some Alternative Ways To Utilize Outdoor Banners

Outdoor BannersChances are, if you visit any sort of street fest or farmers market this summer, you’ll see the ubiquitous vinyl outdoor banner.  This genre of signage has been in use for decades and has allowed people an inexpensive way to advertise their business, product, or service.  In the recent past, however, as newer technologies have become the rage, these simple outdoor banners have become somewhat forgotten about.  Today, we’ll check out a few ways that they can be of great assistance in nearly any outdoor advertising situation you may have.

1. Street Pole Banners

While some may view pole banners as an “old-fashioned”  way of advertising, the plain fact is that they work.  Street banners first have a huge advantage by being cheap to produce and relatively easy to install (with specific hardware).  This lower cost leads to the second benefit, which is that you can purchase many of them to display a unified message.  The pole banner is a favorite of municipalities looking to improve the visual impact of a primary street, giving a classier and more put-together impression to visitors, or to promote a particular event.

2. Event Barriers

Ever been to a marathon?  How about an outdoor concert or admission-paid street fest?  Pretty much everyone has, and one thing common to all them is the use of crowd-control event barriers.  These barriers, typically just sections of PVC piping linked together provide the perfect canvas for advertising with outdoor banners.  Installation is a snap using just zip-ties with grommets sewn into the banner, meaning in just a few minutes and for very little cost, you can easily generate additional revenue for your event or company just by making use of something that needs to be in place anyways!

3. Stage Banners

Nearly every town in the country – big, medium, and small – has at least one type of outdoor festival during the summer months.  Some of them are huge music festivals and some just smaller “Taste Of City” events.  Regardless of the what they’re called, they typically incorporate music of some sort as part of the attraction and/or entrance fee.  With concerts come stages, and with stages come the perfect opportunity to advertise using outdoor banners.  Concert stages are unique in that they are pretty much the only place in the entire event where a large portion of the crowd will be voluntarily paying attention in one particular direction for an extended period of time.  Make use of this unique facet by bordering the stage with low-cost promotional outdoor banners.  If you’re a promoter, it’s great for the festival budget, and if you’re an advertiser it’s great for the exposure.  A veritable win-win!